Perspectivas: Português para Falantes de Espanhol

  • By
    Blair Bateman,
    Marilena Mattos,
    Marcus Brasileiro,
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  • Class Start:
    Fall, Spring

Perspectivas: Português para Falantes de Espanhol Course Material

Course Details

This course was designed to meet the need for a content-based, communicatively-oriented approach for students who speak Spanish as a first or second language and desire to learn Portuguese as a third language. Perspectivas capitalizes on the skills that Spanish speakers bring to their study of Portuguese in terms of reading and listening ability, grammatical competence, and cultural awareness. This course features a variety of authentic journalistic and literary texts and unscripted videos related to major cultural themes.

LMS Access and Features

  • The book features a free Accompanying LMS platform with approximately 25 practice activities per chapter that focus on grammar, vocabulary, and listening and viewing comprehension, scored by our LMS platform, and provides immediate feedback
  • Classroom activities that promote interpersonal communication and critical thinking
  • Thematic vocabulary lists in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, with accompanying audio recordings.
  • Multiple authentic texts in each chapter, including newspaper and magazine articles, crônicas, and posts from websites and social media.
  • Accompanying video series “O vlog do Doug,” featuring a Spanish-speaking student learning Portuguese who interviews native speakers on locations in settings related to the theme of each chapter.
  • Role-play situations (“Batendo um papo”) in each chapter that can be used for oral exams

Course Information

  • Class Start: Fall, Spring
  • Course Duration: 4 Month
  • Total Credits: 3
  • Student Capacity: No limit
  • Class Schedule: Varies
  • Course Teachers: 03

Course Teachers

Blair Bateman
Brigham Young University
Dora Dias
University of Minnesota
Ana Williams
Northwestern University